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About Us

Who are our vendors?


Our vendors care about food as much as we do. They want to make sure you're putting delicious and healthy ingredients into your mouth.

We love to support the little mom & pop businesses, the #mombosses and local artisans.

Where are they located?


We try to buy local whenever possible. Sometimes, we find amazing food outside of Colorado and it's so amazing we just have to share it with you. Other times, we know you need things that we just can't grow in Colorado (like olives!), so for those items we look far and wide to find the best quality products.

Click HERE for a birds eye view of where our products are coming from all across the world.

Why do we do business with them?


We hand select every vendor, just like we hand select every single product we carry. Our vendors are as committed as we are to providing you  only the very best quality products. 

If you have a product you think would be great for our shop, please drop us a line and let us know.